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Swiss credit comparison - compare several credit providers

Bank Loan offer Customer review Effective annual interest rate Installment insurance Monthly rate Request a quote
Kredit 7.95% - 11.95% variable Offering
CREDIT-now 6.9% - 11.9% variable Offering
bobcredit 4.9% - 11.9% variable Offering
Personal loan 4.9% - 7.9% - 11.9% variable Offering
Real estate loans and mortgages 5.0% - 11.9% variable Offering

Compare loans by bank and conditions with the Swiss loan comparison from Credisa


Step 1:
Find the perfect loan with the Credisa loan comparison

Enter your desired amount and the duration of your desired loan and compare. If you have any questions, we are always available for you by phone or email. Make an application now.

Autofinanzierung Unterlagen

Step 2:
Submit documents and receive credit decision

After you have sent us the required documents, you will receive the credit decision and your loan contract after a comprehensive credit assessment.

Autokredit Auszahlung nach gesetzlicher Wartefrist

Step 3:
Loan payment

After the legal waiting period, you will receive your loan. This is how easy loan comparison, application and exam are at Credisa.

Simple credit comparison - from Credisa

Each bank is different and offers different conditions to customers. Getting an overview of terms, durations, interest rates, loan installments, and everything else can be quite time-consuming. Therefore, an online loan comparison is worthwhile. With our Swiss Credit comparison, we offer our clients a simple and clear way to view the key features of loans from various banks. Since every customer is different and no across-the-board statements can be made about the individual credit comparison, the market interest margin is decisive here. Therefore, the exact determination of the interest rate of an individual loan when processing the loan application is done. The interest margin ranges from 4.9% to 9.9% , depending on the bank. You are welcome to make a loan application online or by phone: 061 681 15 55 . Both the loan comparison and the loan application are free of charge for you. The online credit comparison is a free service of Credisa GmbH and is an offer to compare relevant credit factors. In the credit comparison consumer loans of various banks are compared. Credisa pays close attention to the applicable laws in Switzerland on the granting of loans. The Credisa credit comparison dispenses with ZEK entries and entries in comparable registers. Whether personal loan, small loan, car loan or financial advance. We have the right offer for you.

Comparison of interest rates, credit cards, duration and other factors

Your advantage of an online loan comparison

Save money with a credit comparison. Both credit rates, durations and especially total interest charges can be significantly reduced by a credit comparison and save the borrower hundreds to thousands of francs. A credit comparison is definitely worthwhile.

The advantages of a loan-and bank comparisons

Best result through credit comparison and advice

Use our credit comparison as the basis for your personal loan. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 0800 681 555 or by e-mail at this address: Immediately after the loan comparison, submit an application for your preferred loan in less than 2 minutes. The application is free and non-binding.

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